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August 24, 2010 by Benji

In the Short Sale Business people often get the wrong impressions of our intentions. YES we like making money, but if you are going to make money, may as well do so by helping people. Here is a wonderful testimonial we got last week…

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We have a lot of agents that we work with who like doing business with us. But they don’t really have a lot of experience working with other 3rd party loss mitigation companies. The people who really love doing business with us are the ones who have done shorts sales for years and have seen companies shift gears and all of a sudden “start doing short sales”. Our clients appreciate our commitment to them and their clients. Today almost every title company and real estate law firm has a short sale department. Most of these departments sprung up from a lack of business in their “main business”. They are doing short sales negotiations to keep people busy and generate a little revenue.
The Short Sales Group has been focusing on Shorts Sales FULL TIME for almost 4 years. Everything we do revolves around the Short Sale.

Here is a copy of an email testimony that Kelly received from a homeowner whose house closed last Friday:

“Good Morning Kelly, Those two words [ Thank You ] are so inadequate in terms of expressing my deep appreciation for your commitment, hard work, consideration and sensitivity to my case. I felt as if I was your only client and your patience and positive attitude made me very comfortable.

If I could afford it, I would go to the tallest mountain and blast my message of appreciation or fly a plane with a banner all over the state of Michigan and beyond. Unfortunately the only way I can show you my appreciation is through those two seemingly meaningless words…

That being said, I will gladly and enthusiastically spread the word about the Short Sales Group to those I know who can utilize your services and will certainly entertain inquiries on your behalf any time. Just say the word.

Again, I am so very grateful to you and hope I can be of some service in future to further express my gratitude.”

Do you want this type of service? Would you like your clients writing emails like that? We would be happy to work with you and your clients on shorts sales. I look forward to helping you exceed your clients’ expectations.

If you would like to find out more about the shorts sales group… and our short sales specific practice check out our Facebook fan-page



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