Top Albums of 2011


December 31, 2011 by Benji

I am writing this blog post as a guy who is normally at a concert for New Years. But this year, I’m sitting at home with my wife, tired as hell from putting together a new Big Girl room for our older daughter. She is the one who really got the New Year’s Party.

That being said, I was reflecting on the music I normally go to and figured I would write out my top 10 list of 2011 albums.

10) The Muppets soundtrack… : the geek in me can get enough of the Muppets. Gonzo is the man, Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem are the best cover band ever… This album just makes me smile.

9)Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: It’s a corporate world. I’m not a big indie fan, but I saw these guys play last year at TEDx Detroit, and was thrilled. Their album is just as much fun as their show… Oh, and they are representing DETROIT

8) Nirvana: 20 year reissue, This 4 disc box set is a little nuts. You may wonder, how much freaking nirvana can I take? If you grew up with this album then you will love this set. Alternate takes, remastering, unreleased material… who would have thought Nirvana would one day be classic rock?

7) Jen Hartswick: Ocean Floor, I Love this chick. She sings like she means it, she plays the trumpet like her life depends on it and she is mesmerizes you when she gets on stage… This is a straight forward jazz album that can be played and enjoyed anytime

6) Keller Williams: Bass, if you like Keller music, you will over this album. It’s his sound, but him only playing bass and singing (with his backup band Kdubalicious) sweet sweet stuff.

5) The Disco Biscuits: Otherwise Law Biding Citizens, there have been a lot of changes to TDB’s shows in the recent years. Their style has evolved, they are not touring as much, and they are moving more in the pop electronica area. This album showcases their electronica side very well.

4) Zack Deputy:  Another Day. This is a fantastic album by ZD. Imagine David Grey being cool as hell, this is what this album is like. Sweet guitar, great voice, relaxing music, mixed with nice jams and what you know will be great live versions.

3) Warren Haynes: Man in Motion,  Warren is the master, he is playing his southern rock, with a New Orleans Soul Funk Band… need I say more? (other than thanks for always coming to the Detroit area when you are touring!)

2) Tedeschi Trucks Band: Revelator This Album is incredible! Derek Trucks’ slide guitar, and Susan Tedeschi’s voice is pure magic! My 2 year old daughter heard me listening to it and she said “daddy, this is tushie shaking music” she is right!  

1) Umphreys McGee: Death by Stereo. By far my favorite album release this year… this has everything. Jams, Funk, Rock and Intensity! By far the best album of the year!

Looking forward are 2 honorable mentions (also makes this a list of 12) of Albums that I am looking forward to in early 2012…

The RagBirds have an album being released on 1/1/2012 If you like folk, bluegrass and roots. Then check out this album. They never disappoint me, and I’m looking forward to hearing the new album

moe. has a new album coming out 1/24/2012 called What Happened to the La La’s … I CANT WAIT!!!

One thought on “Top Albums of 2011

  1. love Benjy much more than the music …by the way the joy of the little girl is daddy s joy

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