My Sister’s First Music Review

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January 26, 2012 by Benji

For years I have been trying to get my sister Devorah to love the same music as me. Rush, Phish, The String Cheese Incident,  Umphreys McGee and countless other awesome bands have flown right by her as I try to “educate her”. One time on a hike, when we were younger, I told her the entire story of Gamehendge, thinking that she would want to listen to Phish afterwards. Lets call that one a backfire! What I have noticed in the past few years, is she loves music, it’s just not the same music as I love.

She has been tweeting me names of bands to listen to, we go back and forth about spotify, Jambase, and other social media music outlets.

Turns out indie music cool? I had no idea… but my baby sister showed me. She recently published this show review (complete with set list) of  Jeff Mangum in NYC on . Its a great review, well thought out. It intrigued me to find out more about the music, and listen. I like it… its not what I listen to on a regular basis, but will add it to my shuffle on itunes.

I’m proud of her, she did a great job, now I just need to get her to appreciate the 9-14-2000 darien lake Reba by Phish (its Life changing), or the 20 min All In Time by Umphreys in Hotlanta this Halloween weekend, and we would be perfect 🙂

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