little drummer girl


January 30, 2012 by Benji

little drummer girl

little drummer girl

Normally when buying kids a toy, you know that it’s going to entertain them for a week or two tops, but eventually it gets put on the shelf and becomes part of that big mass known as “old toys”.

My wife and I got lucky last year when we got a gift of a kids drum set for our (at the time) 1 and a half year old. The little kit cam with shakers, bells, maracas, clackers and lots of other noise makers that kids and dads love. Being the brilliant parents that we are, we gave her a few pieces at a time, so the gift kept on giving.

Our daughter Na’amah loves her drum kit. She walked around with the caterpillar shaped drum sticks, and would “test their sounds” we taught her what was acceptable to hit, and what was not; how to tap lightly, or shake the noise makers softly, then loudly. Hours of fun!

Then as kids toys go, we lost one of the drum sticks. We have been trying to find replacement drumsticks to match, but have been unsuccessful. Not wanting to buy a whole new kit, My wife sent an email to JustBYou  , and let them know how much we loved their toys (we now have a bunch of their toys).

This is where the AWESOMESAUCE comes along. The response we got back was this

“Hi Sarah,

It must be hard to Parum Pum Pum with only one drumstick! Which centipede was it that managed to crawl away? The olive-colored one or the raspberry-colored one?

We’re not set up to sell replacement parts but we will gladly send your little musician a brand new drumstick free of charge.

In order to do this we will need your mailing address and phone number. (For UPS only – pinky swear no crank calls!)

In the mean time, you can get some giggles – or even create your own – with our quote gallery:

All the B.est,

Stefanie and Team B.

PS- Our toys love you!! 🙂 “

In today’s world of often mediocre customer service,  JustBYou, just made a happy  customer into a customer / advocate for life.

They didn’t ask me to post this blog. But when someone takes good care of me, I want to take good care of them!

Check out some of their toys , their press, their awards, their philanthropy,  their Facebook, their Twitter and their awesome quotes pages.

Enjoy the toys!

2 thoughts on “little drummer girl

  1. Ericka says:

    Love them as well!! Same thing happened to my raspberry centipede! Baby threw in on the garbage can and I received the same response rom them. Excellent customer service!

  2. Wow wow wow, Benji. Before we even get to your kind words about us, can we say your little drummer girl has made our hearts skip a beat??? She is beyond adorable and Ringo better just look out! And then, awesomesauce?? Anytime we are responsible for putting more awesomesauce into the world we go to bed with huge, awesome smiles on our faces. We are parents first and taking care of families is priority one. Thank you for your wonderful blog post and for appreciating what we do. It means the world to us.

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