Art Jones, Holocaust denying congressional candidate


March 21, 2012 by Benji

In no way am I a political commentator. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Ron Paul and even Obama, each one confuses me in their own right. Just thinking about the results of the upcoming election overwhelms me.

That being said, I do know that it is important to vote, educate myself about the candidates, the issues and the country. Vote locally and nationally. When you don’t, your complaints and opinions post election don’t count. Register to vote through Headcount if you haven’t already.

I recently saw an article posted on Facebook from the ( is AOL’s “hyper local News Source”) about Art Jones, a congressional candidate running against Dan Lipinski in Oaklawn, Illinois. As a former insurance sales man, he was agent of
the year for Mutual of Omaha, and is a Vietnam Veteran. For all intents and purposes he is a national hero.

I have one small issue with the man. He is quoted as saying,  “As far as I’m concerned, the Holocaust is nothing more than an international extortion racket by the Jews…It’s the blackest lie in history. Millions of dollars are being made by Jews telling this tale of woe and misfortune in books, movies, plays and TV…The more survivors, the more lies that are told.”


How could a self-respecting, educated man, in America believe this garbage? This is a man who was a member of the National Socialist Party. He marched with Nazis in Chicago’s Marquette Park, and yet, the beauty of living in the United States is that he is allowed to
have his opinions. Having him sit in congress on the other hand, is a scary proposition.

Lets pretend for a second that he is right. Hitler loved Jews, and during WWII they were treated as equals. We must still remember that he was the brain behind the War. He tried to take over the world, and was responsible for millions of deaths. Let’s take Hitler out of this equation so this isn’t a Holocaust question. Could you imagine finding out that your congressman had a picture of Stalin or Huynh Van Cao in his house? I don’t believe you would be comfortable with that.

Now let’s get back to reality. Hitler killed millions of Jews between 1939 and 1945. The videos, the pictures, the human testimony, the confessions by Nazi and SS soldiers, if they don’t affirm this fact for you, then let me tell you a personal story.

I grew up very close to my grandfather. Born in Poland, he was sent to Auschwitz in 1939, just months after the Nazi invasion.  When the war ended in 1945, he was liberated from the camp, only to find out that his entire family had been killed. Shortly after, he met my
grandmother and started a new life.

I grew up listening to the horror stories first hand. I touched the tattooed numbers on his forearm.  5-0-3-1-4 is a sequence I will never forget. I can remember him telling us about the circumstances leading up to his being sent to Auschwitz which you can read about  on my Father’s blog. I also remember my grandfather telling us that his faith in God got him through those times, one day at a time.

Something strange happened to my grandfather in his old age. Like so many people in their 80’s and 90’s, my grandfather developed dementia. He started reliving the past. It was horrifying to watch; I remember one night in particular, he woke up screaming because he believed that the Nazis were coming to take his children. Eventually, my father was able to calm him down.

A couple of years ago, while on a trip to Israel, my brother came across this picture of my grandfather at Yad Vashem. It’s unbelievable to see my grandfather wearing those clothes and with his face in such pain.

On the left, in Auschwitz - On the right, a year after liberation

On the left, in Auschwitz - On the right, a year after liberation

Further, my sister showed me that has a prisoner search by number. Type in 50314, you’ll see: Rozenzweig, Jankiel b.1904-08-12
(Radom), camp serial number:50314, profession: robotnik.

If we are to believe the Holocaust deniers, who claim this is all a sham, then the picture is photoshopped, the website was built by liars, the videos and all the corroborated stories are elaborate lies.

But then the memory of my grandfather’s nightmare comes to mind. Mr. Jones, you may not trust the “propaganda machine” or the media. But spend some time with a survivor, and there is no question about what happened.

While I live in Michigan, and there is not much I can do about this man being elected to congress other than voice my opinion, I hope others read this, and share it with people in Illinois.

2 thoughts on “Art Jones, Holocaust denying congressional candidate

  1. acharlese says:

    Incredible! Thanks for sharing

  2. rebyosil says:

    One thing that I would like to add is that after all is said and done my father and mother (she also had incredible stories) were normal, well adjusted people. After all the unimaginable horrors that they experienced they not only survived, they built a warm and loving home without any visible trauma by their children. Some people are still affected by the depression, Vietnam and other very trying times. They and so many million more coped, put it behind them and as Benji so elloquently said, “his faith in God got him though those times, one day at a time.”

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