My Bucket List at Age 30


April 16, 2012 by Benji

Continuing my blog post about turning 30, I put together a Bucket List of things I would like to do. Some are already in the works. This list was partially put together before, but I wanted to reach 30 items, so I dug deep and added some things I didn’t even realize I wanted to do.

Note – This is not a business goals list. This is just my personal items list, also again I didn’t put them in order of importance, this is an alphabetical list.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

-Build a butcher block table from scratch
-Build a log cabin
-Build a woodshop
-Build my own furniture
-Climb a vertical wall (think Tom Cruise in mission impossible)
-Complete an apartment building redevelopment project in the downtown/midtown Detroit area.
-Cook a three course meal with all vegetables from my own garden
-Create an app that’s downloaded 1,000,000 times
-Design, patent and sell a high end Sheimot box kit for people to place in synagogues
-Do a wood carving – I am in the middle of Carving “god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change” on a plank of wood (and really need to finish that project)
-Go to a daddy daughter dance with each of my daughters
-Hit the 1,000,000 views on my website
-Host a gallery show of my artwork
-Learn to be a top quality sauce chef
-Learn to butcher an animal properly
-Learn to paint/draw faces (my weakness in art)
-Learn to ride a motorcycle, drive Long distance in the country
-Meet Benjamin Netanyahu
-Own at least one large commercial building in downtown Detroit
-Play in a ice hockey league game (not NHL, but any fast paced Ice Hockey game)
-Put together a band and cover the Pink Floyd album Animals
-Put together a band and cover the Rolling Stones album Beggars Banquet – Scheduled for May 21 at the Black Lotus in Clawson Michigan
-Record an album of my music
-Record a kids album of my versions of traditional songs
-Scuba dive
-See a Phish, Dead, moe, Umphrey’s McGee or related concert in every state of the union
-See an actual active live volcano
-Shave someone’s head – Did that a few weeks ago! It was actually the catalyst for writing this list
– Skydive
-Spend a week camping in the Negev desert

4 thoughts on “My Bucket List at Age 30

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  2. Layah Rosenzweig says:

    the last one… i will do with you gladly!

  3. VeronicaLHayes says:

    Hey Benji can u send me the details of the may 21 show in clawson (email or fb it to me)? Thx!

  4. […] did a post a few weeks with a bucket list. One of the items on the list was playing in a band covering the Rolling Stones album Beggars […]

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