Gratitude List on Fathers Day

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June 17, 2012 by Benji


It has been a HUGE couple of weeks for me personally.  I turned 30 and did not spontaneously combust. I have a few more grey hairs than I did a few weeks ago, but I’m alright with that.  Sarah and I had our 5th wedding anniversary – “winning”. And today was another wonderful Father’s day that I got to spend with my kids, wife, siblings and dad.

This made me think about all the things I am grateful for. So in the “turning 30” blog post fashion, I decided to share those items with you, the good news for me is I am doing a top 10, not a top 30!

These are not arranged in the order of importance, but a general clustering of categories.

-Sarah bought my shtick, went out with me, fell in love with me,  said yes to my proposal… the rest is history, we just celebrated our 5th anniversary.
-Na’amah (my older daughter) is smart, healthy, beautiful and funny –couldn’t ask for anything more.
-Ellah (my younger daughter) has been dodging medical bullets every day since she was born, she is getting healthy and strong and I couldn’t be prouder of her.
-DMC Children’s Hospital has taken excellent care of us and has gone above and beyond for Ellah. Without their excellent staff who knows how different our lives would be.
-The West Bloomfield School District has an incredible early intervention program. They too are taking great care of us.
– My Dad had an amputation last year and is bouncing back strong. He should be walking out of a rehab facility in the coming weeks!
– My big sister Miryam moved here to Detroit; now she has an amazing relationship with my girls
– My brother Yudi and his sons Jackson & Eli have grown a lot closer to my family.
– My mother in law Gale helps me and Sarah almost daily with our girls.
-The time I had with my grandparents. I think about them & what they taught me almost daily.
– Howard Schwartz took a risk hiring me; he has taken me under wing and put in hundreds of hours training me. Something I wouldn’t have gotten at any other firm.

This is a photo we took as a family today


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