Getting Ready to Vote in West Bloomfield Michigan


August 5, 2012 by Benji

Voting in the primary and local elections is more important than voting for president! That is not to say that the presidential election is not important because it is. But the Primary is where we (the locals) get to put our candidates on the Ballot. Believe it or not a lot more action happens in the primary than in the general election. But sadly, less people show up to vote, because they think it’s not as important.

Let me remind you – IT IS…

Google the name of your city and election and you should find the ballot. You can see who is on it, and then do your research. I am a big believer in voting on candidate merit and not their party affiliation.

I still have some research to do as to who I am voting for in all different categories. But so far I know I like:

Congressman Gary Peters D for Michigan 9th District – Here is where he stands on issues

Brad “Bubba” Urdan for State Rep in the 39th District – Here is there he stands on issues

Jonathan Warshay for WB Supervisor – Here is his info

L Brooks Patterson for Oakland County Executive (No Brainer) – Here is where he stands on Issues

I am still undecided on Judges and Trustees, but I have 48 hours to finish my research and make a decision.

This is what my Ballot looks like here in the 24th precinct in West Bloomfield Michigan

Precinct 21 Ballot

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Vote in West Bloomfield Michigan

  1. Bubba says:

    Benji, Thank You for being a free thinker and sharing your thoughts and telling everyone how important it is to Vote in the primary! But the most important part of voting in the primary is that you CANNOT SPLIT YOUR TICKET!!!! You must vote straight party. Hopefully, Republican and for BUBBA. Thank You!

  2. neonspndx says:

    Hello! I think your blog is great. My family still lives in Michigan. I absolutely love it and really support your initiative here…

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