Hidden Gems of Detroit by Pam Schwartz


October 7, 2012 by Benji

Last week Channel 7 Reporter Eli Zaret put together a 30 min documentary about the Friendship Circle in West Bloomfield. Within minutes of the show airing Facebook and twitter were abuzz. A number of my friends were asking me if I saw Sam Kay on the show, apparently my “music Junkie” statues is not a well kept secret.  My friend Pam Schwartz asked me to post a blog about him. I challenged her to write one herself. below is what she wrote. I put a few additional notes below her post. 

Hidden Gems of Detroit
by: Pam Schwartz

One of the most amazing aspects about Detroit is the “diamonds in the rough”. Although the bad press we’ve received Detroit has always had something special to offer, some hidden gems! Nestled along the abandoned buildings and vacant parking lots you can expect to find something unique, great restaurants, bars and specialty shops.

I have news for you, Detroit is coming back, and with a VENGEANCE!

Take, as an example, the documentary on channel 7 about the friendship circle. An outstanding organization dedicated to helping people with special needs and their families. In the suburbs of West Bloomfield lies a foundation in which Detroiters are known for, dedication, generosity, loyalty and perseverance! The unconditional love and support that people have dedicated to this organization is PROOF that we will not falter, that we will not give up as a community!

Another “hidden gem” is a new and upcoming crooner named Sam Kay. You may have heard his voice already while he’s volunteering for the friendship circle or some other charity events. Sam’s voice is a gift and not one to be over looked. Sam just finished 2 albums with producer Chuck Alkazian from Pearl Sound Studios, one an original and one a cover. He has sang at Crofoot, Hard Rock Cafe, Ford Field for Kolo charities, the Detroit Lions, and relay for life to name a few. He has done studio work for Slinky, Hasbro and Soul children of Chicago along with many others. I don’t know how many times I run this scene through my mind, while at Sam’s bar mitzvah, while he started to recite from the torah, his voice permeating the room, the puzzled astonished look on people’s faces… where is this voice coming from? Is this Sam? Why haven’t we heard him before? There is no doubt Sam has been given a gift, a smooth, soft, velvety voice with the bravado to follow, almost an oxymoron, yet the juxtaposition just “works”.

If you have the luxury to watch him perform there is no uncertainty that his voice is a thaumaturgy… a sound indescribable and yet enrapturing and impossible to ignore. When Sam is not home hanging out with his 8 brothers and 1 sister you might find him jamming with his grandfather Morris Last who taught him how to play guitar . Some of his musical tastes are Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and John Legend. I think his voice is a harmonic blend of a little bit Stevie Wonder, and a little bit seal that will mesmerize you and take your breath away!

As a side note: with the help of my friend Ari Title. I introduced Sam Kay to Steve Szajna of Szajna Dynasty Media who did the Slinky commercial that Sam was in. 

Here is the documentary: 

<iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

What are your thoughts on Sam, his voice, and the documentary?

3 thoughts on “Hidden Gems of Detroit by Pam Schwartz

  1. jack says:

    great article!

  2. Stacey Roberts-Ohr says:

    Wow. This article made me miss my hometown.

  3. Benji says:

    thanks Jack and Stacey, Im glad you like the article.

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