Happy Birthday Bobby


October 16, 2012 by Benji

Today is the 65th birthday of Bob Weir – the rhythm guitarist of the Grateful Dead. Rather than the Eulogy like, accolade packed blogs I’ve read today.  Id like to say Happy birthday by sharing some of my favorite Bobby tunes (and covers). Here are my top 5, well top 6. I couldn’t settle on just 5. Spanning from 1968 to just a few months ago. Bobbie has been crushing it for years.

Here is:

The Grateful Dead – 1968 – The Newport Pop Festival – The Eleven.

The Grateful Dead – 1978 – Shoreline Ampitheater – My Brother Esau

The Grateful Dead – 12/31/1978 (the closing of wiinterland) – Me and My Uncle

Bob Weir – May 2011- TEDx Alcatraz – Masters of War> Birdsong

Bob Weir – May 2011- TRI Studio – Black Throated Wind

Further – 7/13/2012 Coney Island NY – Weather Report Suite – Let It Grow

One thought on “Happy Birthday Bobby

  1. dana says:

    good songs dont forget … NEw MingleWood Blues!!!

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