Ticket Giveaway – Trey at the Fillmore Detroit


October 17, 2012 by Benji

Hey Folks –

If you are as excited as I am for the Trey Anastasio Band show tomorrow night at the Fillmore Detroit then comment below and tell me what your favorite TAB memory is. Best story (as voted on by me, my wife, and followers on twitter) will be guest-listed for 2 tix to the show. Winner announced at noon on the 18th. If you have never been to a TAB show, tell me what song you are most hopeful to hear. I am sure a lot of songs of the new Traveler album will be played.

If the Tigers win tonight, then the streets will be full of TAB fans, but if the Tigers lose tonight there will be THOUSANDS of people packing into the area for game 5.

Either way – it will be a ton of fun! and YES, I know the picture I have here is the wrong Fillmore, this one is in Silver Spring, but its the only pic I could find with TAB on the marquee.

An album and show review will be posted in a few days.

17 thoughts on “Ticket Giveaway – Trey at the Fillmore Detroit

  1. Veronica Hayes says:

    me me me pls pls!!

  2. Michael says:

    My favorite tre moment was when I listened to the dead instead 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    Best TAB memory: at the Ann Arbor show on the first Trey Solo Acoustic/Electric tour, finding my friends after the show, one of them reaches out and slaps a backstage pass on my chest. She said she got it from a creepy looking bouncer who kept ogling her all night. She new I was a much bigger fan than her (and she didn’t want to run into said creepy guard), so she made my night! Met Trey, Tony and Russ, all of whom were super happy we loved the show.

  4. Dan Wolak says:

    Well Benji My wife or I have ever been to a TAB show My best friend in the world Adam Stone told me about the band I listened and I was hooked In my opinion it was the best calibration in the 21st century It was the opitamy of the real big JAM BAND heavy percussion Which you knows well as i on of my favorite parts of music and since this band came about I studied and followed cyro for awhile and hearing him back with trey after a minute excited me to no end.My wife and I were planning on going but due to saving our st.Bernard halo funds are tight so thanks for hearing my breakdown of a great band.
    Peace love and TAB

  5. Jeremy Donaldson says:

    My best memory and fav TAB show, it was spring 2003 i believe. The boys just went on first hiatus and haden’t been to a show since December, 1999.. Anyway I didn’t have a computer so i had know idea it was with the horns and Cyro. The way Cyro plays is asmost hypotizing. He was a complete Madman. Nor did I hae any ideas what songs would be played. Somehow mosied down to like the 10 row at the Fox Theatre and Danced the night away. A four sog FIRST set melted my face right off and the second set melted the rest away. Had to buy the solo record the next day, any I personally don’t own much studio phish but that got me buying Trey’s solo discs.

  6. Andy Benes says:

    Went out to red rocks in 2001 with my (now) wife. There were 2 shows and both nights were incredible. That moment in “drifting” the storm is lifting, we got the moon and stars above- is made for a cool Colorado evening. We made that “our song” and played it at our wedding reception and such. The next night was even better. Great energy show closing with an acoustic bathtub gin that had every phan at red rocks singing the guitar lead. I think trey was overwhelmed. The encore was moesha which is a silly song that always gets in my head. That would be a great bust out to hear tonite. Thanks!!

  7. Benji says:

    OK FOLKS – The Winner is Jeremy Donaldson:
    3 reasons –
    1) He needs to see Cyro and the Horns again
    2) he is up trying to win tix at 330 in the morning
    3) i too think Cyro is a madman!

    I am sorry to everyone who didnt win – Good news for everyone else. I have the same contest that is about to be posted for the moe. show on Saturday night!

    See you all there-

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