Primus at the Fillmore – Ticket Giveaway


October 21, 2012 by Benji

Hey Folks –

Similar to our TAB and moe. giveaway, we are giving away a pair of tickets to see Primus on Wednesday night October 24th at the Fillmore in Detroit.

Rules of the game –  tell me what your favorite Primus memory is. Best story (as voted on by me, my wife, and my followers on twitter @benrosenzweig ) will be guest-listed for 2 tix to the show. Winner announced at noon on Tuesday the 23rd. If you have never been to a Primus show, tell me what song you are most hopeful to hear.

A show review will be posted in a few days. Make sure to check out our facebook page and click like.

You can purchase tickets to the show on the Fillmore Detroit Website

Let the games begin

7 thoughts on “Primus at the Fillmore – Ticket Giveaway

  1. Mark says:

    My favorite Primus show was my 1st. It was Lollapalooza 1993 at Milan Dragway. It was 104 degrees but the line-up was SICK!!! Alice in Chains went on before Primus (who was the headliner) As soon as Primus started playing, the entire crowd rushed forward, pulling everyone with it! Then it got SUPA windy, and the tarp covering the back/top of the stage rigging blew off in several spots. It rained pretty hard (on and off) and there was some lightening & thunder, but it was a few miles away… It was a KILLER show, and a crazy day I will never forget. As far as a song I would like to hear something from that era like My Name is Mud (off 1993’s ‘Pork Soda’) or Jerry Was A Racecar Driver (off the 1992 release ‘Sailing the Seas of Cheese’) 🙂

  2. david vincent says:

    When I was 14 my friend and old band mate played sailing the seas of cheese for me in his basement and I fell in love with the thick base lines and crazy vocals. We are 34 now..I’ve never seen them live…and I hope to hear blue collar tweekers if I win the tickets…


    Dave V.mi.

  3. Josh says:

    Wow, mark. I was at the same show. The day before I was on the crew who erected that stage. I didn’t get picked to work the show so luckily I already had tickets. The day started very early, picked some friends up and piled into the brown Chevy van for the journey. About half way through the traffic jam I believe we took some blotter acid. The beer was ice cold and on such a hot day tasted so good. When we got to the drag way I was feeling no pain. Chains was awesome and I actually enjoyed the funnel cloud, most likely because of the LSD. The night was quite a blur but I do remember during Primus someone flew through the crowd and landed on me, holy smokes it was a good friend. Not only did we have good music but The Lord was showering me with friends. An exceptional day, the stage year down the next day was almost unbearable since I had zero energy. If I had to pick a song it would be Frizzlefry front to back. Ok, fine, one song. John The Fisherman. When I grow up I want to be. One of the harvesters of the sea. I think before my days are done. I want to be a fisherman.

  4. Byoo-Tay says:

    Ahhh Benji…I have an interesting memory of a Primus show…LollaPallooza 1993? Or was it ’94…I can’t really remember too much from that day, it’s quite fuzzy. I remember it was my birthday, 7/9…it was hot…and driving to the show in my buddy’s big brown van which we spray painted many things on, including the Fishbone symbol. We were tripping down M23 in traffic and I mean tripping…sitting on top of the van enjoying the slow moving traffic and smoking down with the yellow jeep behind us. I honestly don’t remember Primus – that was the end of a long day. I do remember a jock from high school asking to bum a smoke from me. Obviously that baffles me to this day. I remember the sky twisting and turning directly above our heads ready to turn into a tornado. I don’t know where we slept but I do remember Alice In Chains and Fishbone as well as Tool on the side stage…

    • Byoo-Tay says:

      well, I think you’ll find some similarities between my story and Josh’s story simply because it was his van I was riding on. Good times…I’d have to say my favorite song is either John the Fisherman or Tommy the Cat.

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