100th Post – 10 things I have learned since I started Blogging

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October 31, 2012 by Benji

Welcome to my 100th post. This milestone has arrived quickly; you’ve seen me share views about Detroit, Music, Real Estate, my Family and a little about Jewish/Israel subjects. Over the past 99 posts I’ve come to learn a few things, and what better way to celebrate my 100th than to share with you the top 10 things I’ve learned about blogging.

Like most of my lists, these are not in order of value or importance, but what I thought most logical.

10) It’s ok if they don’t like me: I posted a video review of the self titled 7 Walkers album, George Porter Jr. (bass player in 7 Walkers, The Funky Meters and other bands) posted a link on facebook stating that he loved the review and its format, something he had never seen before. Another commenter obviously felt otherwise, and left a comment suggesting that I “keep your day job”.  Like any online journalist, I have to be very conscious that not everyone will like my content.

9) I first starting reviewing music for a college radio show I had with friends. I then started posting YouTube videos, because I thought I was a bad writer. I’ve mentioned in that past that I’m an ESL, Dyslexic who dropped /flunked out of school, and therefore am a bad writer. Or so I thought. I was projecting a lot of negative energy, and ultimately conjuring a self fulfilling prophecy. I may not be Shakespeare, but I get calls and emails weekly with people thanking me for an insightful article or something they appreciated.

8) Do not write posts hoping to gain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from it. Authenticity is the key. In the beginning, I tried to guess what people would be looking for. I may as well have been shooting darts blindly at a target. I’ve learned that when I’m actually interested in a subject and write about it, people tend to react stronger and positively.

7) I’d like to to go one step step further on point #8; I have no idea which will be the articles that get 25 hits a day and which will get 2500 hits. The goal is to keep putting out relevant content that I’m passionate about. Some stuff will hit, and some won’t. This is true in blogging and other social media. My facebook post with the most comments ever is a picture of me and the caption “there is an argument in office if this shirt is blue or purple” the number of comments and the funny arguments that ensued where fantastic… Who would have thought?

6) Getting married and having children really did change my perspective on life. I noticed it when I posted a blog post about Gabriela Douglas, I felt like a dad wanting his daughter to be empowered rather than a jerk with a computer enjoying making fun of people… weird.

5) I still don’t know what I don’t know. I learn things every day about life, work, kids, people, social media, music and other things I encounter. What keeps me on my toes is that most days I learn or see something that is drastically different than anything I knew the day before. Take this music video for example, its brilliant, and I never even thought of something like this yesterday!

4) I know what writers block is now. I used to think that was another term for “Lazy A-hole who doesn’t want to do his job”. But I’ve been thinking about what to write as my hundredth post for a month! I get it now.

3) Writing is another thing I do well under pressure. Like painting, studying and gift giving, I do best with a deadline. The adrenaline gets my creative juices flowing.

2) My editing skills are limited, so I surround myself with people who are excellent and make me look good. My wife Sarah, my sister Devorah, my friend Miko and my father Yosil have all helped me with editing (if I forgot anyone, it’s not on purpose).

1) I used to be proud of my “slipping through the cracks” and “just getting by” in school. Between my daughter starting school, teaching her how to survive as a little human, my writing and growing, I wonder where I would be if I had taken school seriously.

I would love to hear what you have learned in the last year, or what you have found most interesting/ valuable on my blog.

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