Menorah In The D – Music

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December 20, 2012 by Benji

Diwon Remix

There were some amazing moments for me personally that were part of the experience of planning and executing the  #menorahInTheD. One of the great moments for me was when the sound engineer (my good friend Steve Szajna) came over to me and asked me to publish my playlist of music I had chosen for the night. He told me that numerous people came over to him throughout the night to ask him what song was being played. Being on the board of the Stephen Gottlieb Music Festival and wanting to bring new incredible Jewish music to Detroit, I was thrilled to hear that people were appreciating the music. DIWON is a producer and runs the label ShemSpeed. Most of the music below has his influence or flavor. He actually created his three Hanukkah songs specifically for this event (brought to you by the Stephen Gottlieb Music Fest).  Below is the list. Please let me know what you think in the comments.


Brody: Bar Yochai, Shmaa Koleinu

Describe: Pure Soul

Diwon: Al Hanisim, Dr Dreidel, Sivivon (ft. Cobe & Yehuda Solomon), Jah is one, Aleph Beis

Erran Daron Cohen: Dreidel, Relics of Love and light

Kosha Dillz:  Kol Hakavod Lirkod, Span-Hebrish

Matisyahu: Jerusalem

Reb Yosil and the Kosher Gravy Co. : Odecha (radio Edit)

Shi360: Shir Ally HOTT

Shtar: Shir Hamalos, Kel Adon, Modeh, Odecha, Oseh, Adon Olam, Ashrei, Nagila

Y-Love: Move On

Zion80: Ein K’eloeinu, V’shamru, Yehi Shalom, Asher Bara


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