Arbeit Macht Frei SMASHED


February 5, 2013 by Benji

All day people have been talking about the Arbeit Macht Frei sign that was put up on the Packard Plant in Detroit. There have people (like me) who are disgusted and feel like this is a slap in the face to Jews, Detroit, WWII Vets and anyone who has suffered oppression. There have been other commentors who thought that maybe this was not meant as an insult, but as an expression of frustration with “the holocaust that has happened in Detroit”. I don’t think that’s a great response. It is still an instinctive gesture, even giving the benefit of the doubt.

Think about it this way if a bunch of protesters were using the “N word” to protest an injustice, and defended themselves by saying “but we are referring to people who are from the country of Nigeria” no one (or very few) would feel satisfied by that answer. I don’t feel satisfied with the thought that the Arbeit Macht Frei sign is comparing Detroit’s downfall, or the corrupt local govt or any other BullSh*t answer.

Here is the good news, You can go to and see the picture that was posted of the sign ripped down. The Blogger (when I find out who runs the blog, I am buying him dinner and making a donation to his favorite charity in his name) was so angry by the event, he took a hammer, went down to the Packard Plant and smashed the sign!

What is amazing is the insane comments on the blog, DF handled them perfectly. When I read his post, I thought about the Quote by Mahatma Gahndi “Be the change you want to see in the world” as well as the quote “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
Albert Einstein

All I can say is thank you to you Mr. Detroit Funk! You did what many of us thought about, but didnt do. The world is better because of it.

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photo by


6 thoughts on “Arbeit Macht Frei SMASHED

  1. dETROITfUNK says:

    Benji – thank you for the supportive and kind words. I am amazed at how much negative blowback I am getting over this, and that people would try to defend this sign. Ahwell – too bad. It had to go and it could not wait for the “owner” or whoever is responsible for that property to come remove it.

    My favorite charity is btw ! !

  2. lauren says:

    But who put the sign up in the first place?? THAT is the important question & answer.

  3. The One says:

    I am totally late for this but think I should say something. I am born and living in Switzerland and am not very pleased with the people floating our country BUT there is no way things like this should be used to raise awareness though I can understand the intention.

    There were genocides before and there still are nowadays and this is not tolerable – no race deserves this.

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