#313DLove is upon us (copied from Charlie Wollborg)

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March 12, 2013 by Benji

313 Day #313DLove

March 13 is 3/13 or 313 Day as we like to call it. A day we share our love for Detroit with the rest of the world.

Terry Bean started the tradition a few years ago on twitter as a way to use social media to amplify everything that’s going right in Detroit. Last year, the hashtag #313DLove became a trending topic on twitter worldwide.

This year, we want to do it again.

Please share your favorite things about Detroit on Twitter and Facebook. Your favorite people and places. Your favorite pizza. Your favorite photos. Simply add the hashtag #313DLove. We’ll be retweeting your posts and trying to get more people to see all the good in Detroit.

Here are some ideas you can tweet or write a status update on Facebook (bonus points for including a photo):

  • Best cup of coffee in the D?
  • Best Place for Breakfast?
  • Favorite Detroit Startup
  • Favorite Non Profit?
  • Favorite Conference?
  • Favorite Event?
  • Favorite Cultural Attraction?
  • Favorite place to take out of towners?
  • Name a Detroiter gets you excited about our future?
  • Favorite car or truck from the Big Three?
  • Favorite Sports Team?
  • Favorite Detroit Athlete?
  • Best place for Happy Hour?
  • Favorite Detroit restaurants?
  • Favorite Detroit Band?
  • Favorite Detroit Nightspot?

Be creative. Post early and post often. Most importantly, share your love for the D on Facebook and Twitter.

I look forward to seeing Detroit back in the trending topic tomorrow at 3:13pm.

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