One year of Yoga


June 26, 2013 by Benji

I got an email this morning congratulating me on being a part of yoga medics for one year. I read that email right after I did 3 sets of push-ups (25,15&10) and my morning YogaMedics routine.

I was taken aback when I realized that a year ago I could barely touch my knees from a standing position! I am Greatful for my friend Stu who encouraged me to try it out, and to Sarah Fink / both Anna’s who helped me transform into someone who is serious about his health.

Not waking up with pain was my goal when I started. Today my goal is to be able to do 113 consecutive push-ups by January 1, 2014 . What a difference a year makes!!!

If you currently have back pain- check out

One thought on “One year of Yoga

  1. Alvin Grier says:

    I need to get back into doing yoga; the mental and spiritual benefits were awesome. I still stretch every day, though, as I’ve found that a flexible body leads to a relaxed mind and vice versa.

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