10 Tech upgrades we need in 2015


December 31, 2014 by Benji

As 2014 comes to a close, I have been thinking about updates that Tech companies can make to ensure that 2015 is easier for the people who use their products. You’ll note that half of these are Facebook related, as the company really does leave a lot to be desired in the “user-friendly” category.

1) FaceTime voicemails. There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to leave a video message when I call someone via Facetime just like what I call them and leave a voicemail. Apple – get it together

2) Scheduled emails in Gmail. I do it when I use Outlook all the time, so why can’t I schedule an email in Gmail to go out at a later date?  Gmail – talk to someone who worked at Microsoft in 2003, I’m sure they can help you with the code.

3) Why is it when I tag someone in an Instagram post, Twitter can reconcile the user and tag them accordingly (assuming they have the same handle), but facebook doesn’t? Oh right, its because Facebook owns Instagram (wait, that doesn’t make sense)
4)  Another Facebook question – why can’t you tag pages from the mobile app?!?

5) Screw you, Facebook Messenger

6) I love Hootsuite, but why can’t I upload to Instagram there? It would make things so much simpler! The answer is because Instagram has not opened up their API to allow other programs to connect with them. You can’t even upload a photo to Instagram from your Desktop! What’s the deal guys ?!?

7) I’d like the option to see an “unfriended” list on Facebook, because of that awkward moment when you look someone up but aren’t sure if you were never friends, or if one of you has defriended the other.
8) I know algorithms are essential to technology, but how many times have people (myself included) said that they want to see all their entire Facebood feed, not just the feed Facebook thinks you want to see through their algorithm… even when you click “most recent” it’s not showing you everything.

9) Tablets in general need front facing speakers. In my home, we have tablets from 2 different companies, and the speakers are either rear or side facing. Can anyone explain to me why the speakers aren’t facing the front? There was a solution made to the ipad speakers called the SoundBender (it was on shark tank here) But then the ipad got an update and those dont work anymore – #DAFUQ

10) Windows 8 You Suck – hire some UI experts and make your programmers listen to them.

2 thoughts on “10 Tech upgrades we need in 2015

  1. 1) this would be lots of fun! people would call it a snapchat wannabe though.
    2) tried boomerang?
    3) i didn’t realize twitter did this. i actually thought they didn’t, because the same handle can be owned by two different people on different platforms.
    4) good question, i am sure this is coming.
    5) haha, what’s wrong with messenger?
    6) regarding desktop upload, my understanding is that instagram’s intent is to stay mobile-first. why they created web accessible pages in the first place though is a puzzle.
    7) great idea!
    8) truthfully i don’t think you’d actually want to see your entire feed, if you saw what that looked like. sounds lemming-like but i actually trust their algorithms.
    9) interesting. maybe speakers aren’t used enough on tablets to warrant this?
    10) windows, that’s a good joke 😛

    • Benji says:

      1) no way – this would be awesome
      2) nope, but now I will
      3) I get tagged on BenRosenzweig’s Instagram pics. because Im Benji Rosenzweig on instagram and @benRosenzweig on twitter.
      4) i hope So
      5) the security and privacy settings.
      6) #ThingsThatMakeYouGoHmmmm
      7) Right? but i bet no one unfriends YOU
      8) I dont know – I manage the twitter feed of similar size.
      9) NO WAY – people use them all the time!
      10) lol – thats what I do

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