I was born in Tzefat a small mystical town in northern Israel. I have lived in 1o cities. Tzefat, Jerusalem, Cleveland Oh, Windsor Ont, Chicago Il, Washington DC, Newport News Va, Baltimore Md,  New York NY, and now Detroit. One of the things I was forced to learn by moving so much was that I needed to quickly develop relationships. I learned how to walk into a room of strangers who have known each other for years, get phone numbers, and be memorable (sometimes that served me better than others).

For 60-80 hours  a week, I run a commercial real estate practice at Howard Schwartz Commercial Real Estate.  HSCRE was formed to service landlord, tenants, investors and land owners with creative, proactive and aggressive service.

In the evening and on the weekends I run a music promotion and production company  called Why You Jam. We host and promote concerts, we book bands and venues, we do post production for audio and video projects, we do interviews and reviews of bands, and we have an amazing team them allows me to do the networking and originating of projects and deliver stellar product! We also promote the Michigan Live Music Scene

After helping countless people with their social media campaigns, both for personal and businesses. I have opened up a company that helps people with the basics of online networking. I help people set up and use Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

I volunteer, support and or am on the board of a number of not-for-profit organizations  JVS,  MotorCityConnect , the Stephen Gottlieb Music Festival and The Michigan Israel Business Bridge.

I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful daughters who I adore and love to spend my free time with 🙂

Every once in a while I get some sleep.

Check out the pages here for more information on my different projects.

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