These are blogs that I read that I thought you may find interesting, as well as some people I think are incredible, and you may want to check out 🙂

My Alltop News Page:
Reb Yosil and the Kosher Gravy Co. & Vortify Yourself: My dad’s blogs including a weekly Torah Portion blog, along with his music/other stuff interested in.
Retail Chater: A Commercial Real Estate Blog focused on retail  (which is what I do)
FrumSatire: my buddy Heshy Fried is a riot, he pokes fun at the way Jews do things (most of the time its in good taste 🙂 : a place to download lots of free live music
Headcount DL page: Free music downloads
Chris Brogan: Great Marketer and thought provoker
Detroit Moxie: an Awesome blog about things going on in Detroit



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