Buy Michigan Now

The idea behind BuyMichiganNow is to challenge supporters of the state to factor Michigan into our buying decisions. When possible, buy locally. We do realize that there are some products and services that do not come from Michigan. (Pineapples and mountain-climbing expeditions leap to mind.) That said, an enormous amount of products are grown, manufactured, or distributed by Michigan-based businesses. Thus, when making any purchasing decision, we encourage you to Think Michigan First! If the quality, availability, and price meet with your needs, spend your money within our state. Here are 5 great reasons why:

  1. Maintains jobs so our talented citizens can stay in the land that they love.
  2. Diversifies Michigan’s economic portfolio so we still thrive when one of our industries comes on hard times.
  3. Attracts new employers thereby creating new jobs.
  4. Increases the tax base.
  5. Reduces our carbon footprint because less fuel is used to move the merchandise, when bought locally.

As individuals, most of us are not in a position to lure new industries here, save jobs, or revitalize the automotive industry, but we can all do something to create positive change. Begin by visiting Our Pledge and adding your name and city to the increasingly long list of people committed to creating a brighter Michigan future. Then examine your current buying habits and look for ways to Think Michigan First. This state offers an abundance of food, beverage, and other products that we can all use on a regular basis.

C’mon, join your neighbors and become a part of the solution!

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