I am a big fan of relationship building. Cold calling sucks! trust me I have done to much of it. I started using LinkedIn in 2005 before twitter was even  invented and you had to be a college student to get a Facebook account! The evolution of networking both in person and online in the last 10 years is astounding. But the root of it is the same.

Relationships matter.

I was networking with a guy by the name of Terry Bean, He taught me 80% of what I know about networking. we were both part of a group called “The Effective Networking Group”. 10-25 people would gather once a month, we would talk about our needs, and share contacts and referrals. Terry had an idea a few years back about starting a group called Motor City Connect. It was going to be for LinkedIn users in Michigan, but run similar to The Effective Networking Group. 3+ years later we have more than 4,750 members and almost a dozen meetings every month all over South East Michigan.

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