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  1. Touchchat Review: Helping Ellah to speak


    November 7, 2015 by Benji

    Over the next few weeks she used it selectively when she wanted to, and now knows that when she needs something and we aren’t getting it, she can use the app!

  2. A Vegan Food Crawl… with a bunch of non vegans


    October 7, 2015 by Benji

    I’ve been experimenting with a vegan diet for the last six months. It all started with

  3. Album Review – Dirty Basement Blues Band

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    November 12, 2014 by Benji

    Check out my album review of the Dirty Basement Blues Band

  4. Ticket Giveaway – Trey at the Fillmore Detroit


    October 17, 2012 by Benji

    Hey Folks – If you are as excited as I am for the Trey Anastasio Band show tomorrow night at …
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  5. Review: Detropia successfully symbolizes Detroit

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    September 14, 2012 by Benji

    From “Ruin Porn” to Sundance, the more people who hear the story of Detroit, the faster and stronger is will come back. …
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  6. Passover App: iBall a Better Matzah Ball | Published on Red Thread Magazine

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    April 2, 2012 by Benji

    The holiday of Passover is coming up on the calendar really quickly! It’s always a daunting task to “do Passover.” …
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  7. 30 albums that changed my life


    March 26, 2012 by Benji

    On May 23rd, 2012 I am turning 30 years old, or as my wife says “he is finally freaking 30!” …
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  8. Keller Williams Bass Review

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    January 12, 2012 by Benji

    I have been listening to Keller Williams (the musician not the real estate company) for over 10 years now. The …
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  9. Top Albums of 2011


    December 31, 2011 by Benji

    I am writing this blog post as a guy who is normally at a concert for New Years. But this …
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