The current project for WhyYouJam is called Shelter In Place From the Storm.

In this series I am interviewing musicians, artists, business folks, parents and anyone else who is inspiring me with interesting and creative ways of staying sane, healthy and productive during Covid-19 quarantine.

Check out my Youtube orFacebook pages for the interviews.

Why You Jam started off as an internet stream radio show in 2002 when I was living in NYC. I was playing music I loved and interviewing musicians I enjoyed going to see. I also got my friends from university involved in the action.

We interview and promoted concerts for Steve Kimock, Particle, Keller Williams, U-Melt (they were called A440 back then) Umphrey’s McGee, Tom Marshal and Amphibian, CityGrass, James Dalton, and many others.

I moved to Michigan in september of 2004 and have been working on projects to turn WhyYouJam into a full-scale music business. I have partnered up with my good friend Miko Steinberg, and old school deadhead and long time criminal defense attorney. We  hosted and promoted concerts as well as managed and booked a few bands, also we did some booking for venues and local festivals.

We teamed up with Mark Bakyian of Magnetic Recordings in Pontiac Michigan who owns one of the coolest recording studios I have ever seen. I gave Matthuew Altruda (the manager of the Macpodz the producer of Tree Town Sound and Ann Arbor’s Sonic Lunch) a tour of the place and he said “If willy wonka was into music instead of chocolate, this is the place he would have built!” Its one of the few recording studio’s in the country that not only records digital, but also 2 inch tape! Mark’s understanding of audio engineering is unmatched.

Most recently brought in Steve Szajna, as our in-house producer. His skills as an audio engineer rival Marks, but his skill in managing the post production of the show (both video and audio) is what makes him worth his weight in gold. Steve has a presence when he walks into the room, his unique grasp on the English language and his ability to communicate with the eloquence he does make him an integral part of this team.

We started a Facbook group called Michigan Live Music Scene which is hanging out in the 15k Members area!

We annualy produce the annual Menorah In the D Lighting at Campus Martius in Detroit.


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